When urinary incontinence is an issue, patients can get help at Ob-Gyn Associates. Our doctors utilize advanced testing for diagnosis including urodynamics.

What is urodynamics?

Urodynamic tests are used to evaluate a person for urinary incontinence. The test measures the bladder's function and efficiency. The actual tests performed can vary from patient to patient. Some urodynamic tests are fairly simple and can be performed in the physician’s office. Other tests will necessitate expensive and high-tech instruments to measure the amount of pressure put on the bladder and urethra. For simple urodynamic testing:

  • Patients will be told to arrive with a full bladder.
  • While they urinate into a container, the volume of urine and the rate at which the bladder empties will be evaluated.
  • A thin, flexible tube known as a catheter is then inserted into the bladder through the urethra, and the volume of any urine remaining in the bladder is measured.
  • Occasionally, the bladder will be filled with water through the catheter until the patient has the urge to urinate. The amount of water in the bladder is again measured. Then more water can be added while the person resists urinating until involuntary urination takes place.

Why it is done?

Urodynamic testing is done when:

  • Loss of urine with coughing or sneezing
  • The person has moderate to severe involuntary urination
  • Other assessments have not determined the cause
  • The doctor suspects there are multiple causes
  • The person is considering surgery and has urinary tract issues

What are abnormal results?

Abnormal results usually present with:

  • More fluid than normal remains in the bladder after urinating. This suggests that the urine flow is partially blocked or the bladder muscle is not contracting as it should to force all the urine out.
  • The bladder is holding less or more fluid than is deemed normal when the urge to urinate is first felt.
  • Patients are unable to retain urine when the bladder is holding less than the normal amounts of fluid.