Pregnancy Specialists

Ob-Gyn Associates has significant experience in serving the needs of pregnant women in the DC metro area. Patients can receive advice and care at any of our offices.

What should I look for in an obstetrician?

Selecting an obstetrician is an important decision for a woman to make when she becomes pregnant. Many women ask their regular OB-GYN to help them through their pregnancy. Important things to consider are if the doctor has similar views on important issues and approaches to pregnancy including: natural childbirth, interventions, pain treatments, etc. It is also important to be able to have comfortable and frank conversations with the doctor. Many women want a doctor to explain things to them thoroughly and take time to answer questions.

What does an ultrasound show my doctor and me?

An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of a fetus. It helps the doctor to monitor the development of the fetus and check for any potential problems. Modern ultrasounds can provide detailed 3D and 4D images and many parents use these to discover the sex of their child. Ultrasounds can also be used to:

  • Check the fetal heartbeat, gestational age, physical abnormalities or defects, and multiple pregnancies 
  • Examine placenta, uterus, ovaries, and cervix
  • Diagnose an ectopic pregnancy
  • Monitor the fetus growth and position
  • Monitor levels of amniotic fluid 
  • Determine if the fetus is getting enough oxygen

How can I ensure a healthy pregnancy?

Maintaining your own health and well-being is the first step to a healthy pregnancy. Stick to a healthy and balanced diet, ensuring that you consume high-quality nutritious foods. Remember, while your appetite may increase, or you experience food cravings, eating for two is a myth and your daily calorie intake should not increase by more than 100-150 calories. You will want to take prenatal vitamins to support healthy development. Regular exercise throughout pregnancy can have a number of health benefits. You should not smoke, take drugs unless approved, or drink alcohol. It is also important to attend all of your checkups to monitor your health and the development of your baby throughout your pregnancy. Discuss how to maintain your health with your doctor.