Hannah Tulkoff, WHNP

Beltsville, Silver Spring

Specialties: Women's Health
Languages: English
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of New England
  • Master of Science in Women’s Health, Georgetown University

About Hannah

What is your care philosophy?

I’m dedicated to providing quality, equitable care to all of my patients by promoting a safe space for all individuals. I approach every patient case as a unique experience and do whatever I can to help support them. My medical decisions are guided by the latest evidence based practice guidelines. I share the decision-making process with my patients by providing them with the education they need to make an informed choice, autonomously.

What inspired you to pursue a career in obstetrics and gynecology?

I chose to specialize in an OBGYN setting because I truly love working with and empowering individuals. My personal experience as a teen patient years ago and a close family members fertility experience is what sparked my interest in the field.

I am passionate about education and empowering young patients to take charge of their health. Adolescence is a time of many changes but creating a safe space where a patient feels comfortable asking questions was of utmost important to me. I strive to help all individuals with gynecologic needs to feel safe seeking care at our practice.

Are you from the DC area?

I do consider myself a local! I grew up in Maryland but visited D.C. often as a kid! I have many wonderful memories of weekend trips to the museums downtown with my parents and brother. I feel lucky to have lived in the District in my adult life as well!

What is your best advice for staying healthy?

Learn to love yourself where you are-small changes in health maintenance and improvements should be celebrated. Finding activities that you enjoy and genuinely look forward to are important. Joining a workout class with a friend, making and sharing meals with a loved one are all great ways to stay active and promote changes without having the connotation of being on a diet or workout plan.

If I wasn’t a Nurse Practitioner, I’d be…?

A pastry chef! At an early age, I taught myself how to decorate cakes as a hobby to enjoy with my family and friends! I share my love of baking with my mom and grandmothers, it’s just something that has always brought joy and spiked my creativity.